Even in the era of computers and smartphones, when people in Sydney think of garages they hardly ever think about technology. Most of us only care about whether the door works when you press the button on the remote control.

However, over the past ten years, the pace of garage doors innovation has led to a variety of great products that make the home more secure and p while fitting into current design trends.

Hacked Garage Doors

Over the past decade, pretty much every aspect of our households has been computerised. Garage doors were one of the first parts of the home to make use of wireless signals, what allowed homeowners to enter or exit their carport without having to leave the car.

Unfortunately, this not-so-modern convenience has a downfall. One of the security researchers found a way to break into a garage doors system using a…child’s text messaging toy. Old wireless remote controls use a fixed, two digit code sent from an electronic device to activate the lift. Working out all possible two-digit codes was an easy way to find a correct combination.

These days manufacturers use a rolling code system that changes the code every time the remote sends a signal.

Forget the remote, use your smartphone

Nowadays there are plenty of apps that include the realm of garage doors, which can be rigged to work on command directly from your smartphone. There is a decent variety of apps available with different features, as well as pros and cons, so it’s important for us to choose the one that works the best with your device’s system and your automatic garage door.

If your garage doors are around the same age as Justin Bieber, you are missing out a lot on new technology that creates elegant and secure garage doors for your home in Sydney

Don’t wait another decade!

Call Automatic Garage Solutions Sydney and upgrade your garage door to a new beautiful and functional design.

The Future of Garage Doors in Sydney