Garage Door Spring Replacement Sydney

Looking for Garage door replacement solutions in Sydney. Replacing garage door springs is the only option when they break!

There are two types of springs on garage doors.

Extension springs are the ones that run alongside the overhead door track and have a pulley and cable attached to them.
Torsion springs are mounted on the door and a long shaft goes through them, with a wheel for the cable on each end. Torsion springs are generally used for larger and heavier doors.

The most common signs of broken garage door springs

  • The physical appearance.
  • The opener is straining to open the door and in some cases stopping on the way up. You may also find that it closes with a loud thud.
  • The door is too heavy to lift manually.
  • The panel & tilt door opener is running, but the chain is not moving.
  • The tilt door pulls to one side and may jam on the side of the opening when attempting to operate the door.

Inspect your door and if you find that your spring is broken, stop using the door immediately, both by opener and by hand, even if it still opens automatically. Continuing to use the opener with a broken spring will significantly increase the load on the motor and may cause it to burn out.

At Automatic Garage Solutions, we replace springs in sets for safety reasons. When your first spring breaks, all the load is thrust on the remaining spring, applying a lot more tension than the spring is used to and substantially weakening the steel coil.
Once your broken spring is replaced, the surviving spring has to work as efficient as the new one and often in an effort to keep up; it breaks in the process.

In conclusion, there is only one rule when your spring breaks:

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