Automatic Garage Solutions specialise in garage door repair for all major garage door types including roller doors, tilting doors and sectional or panelled doors. Call us on 02 9793 3329 for all garage door motor repairs. See the wide range of garage door motors we are able to service.

All garage doors require regular maintenance as there are a range of problems that can occur with all types of garage doors. Most people think that it is okay to leave their garage door and it should just continue to work as it did when it was first installed, but unfortunately that’s not the case.

Typically, garage roller doors need to be serviced and lubricated every 12 months depending on the amount of use. Roller door motors rely heavily on a well maintained roller door for smooth operation.

We repair all major brands of garage door openers. and stock all commonly used spare parts in our service vehicles. Which means that more often than not we can repair your garage door on the spot with no need for a return visit.

Maintaining and servicing your garage door and opener at manufacturer recommended intervals is always the best way to reduce the chance of repairs. Contact us to find out what’s best for your door and opener.

Garage Door Problems

  • Door stuck in open or closed position
  • Door not responding to remote control signal
  • Motor emits a noise on remote signal
  • Door does not move
  • Squeaking door
  • Noisy motor
  • Lights on motor not working
  • Door is not level on one side
  • Frequency interference from nearby devices
  • Failed motor receiver

Garage Door Repairs & Service

  • Service horizontal or vertical tracks, fixtures & fittings
  • Repair failed motor receiver
  • Adjust and lubricate hinges, wheels, bearings, springs, chains and tracks
  • Replace light bulb
  • Repair or replace lifting cables and springs
  • Assess and replace motor if necessary