Steps to Install Garage Door Rollers

Steps to Install Garage Door Rollers

To fix these garage door rollers, follow these steps. Before doing anything else, you must first open your garage door completely. Shut off the power by disconnecting it from its source. Here’s how to change out old garage door rollers for new ones. Unplug the garage door opener for safety. Set a clamp on the … Continued

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Garage Door Motor – Known Overheating Issues

You might face occasional malfunctions if you’ve got an automatic garage door. Some issues may be fixed by repairing them yourself, whereas others will require professional help. One concern for many homeowners when it comes to garage door openers is whether they will become too hot during the warmer months. Can my garage door motor … Continued

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Garage Door Control Remote

Automated garage doors have made it easier for anyone to manage their car parking spaces. You can operate them from a distance. There is no need to go to a switch control to open and close the garage door. However, the right system needs to be properly installed in order to avoid problems. You should … Continued


Our D.I.Y Garage Service Guide

When you reach the vicinity of your garage and press the remote of your garage, the one thing you expect to happen is, your garage door should open up with ease, firmly and silently. But if that does not happen, then you’ll need professional automatic garage door services for sure who can provide necessary repairs … Continued

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Operate Your Garage Door From Anywhere

It would be very difficult to believe if someone would have told you a decade ago that there would be a technique to manage your home’s environment, such as what lights were switched on or off, which doors were locked and your garage door is in which position, from anywhere. Many thanks to technological advancements … Continued

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Four Ways To Reinvent Your Garage in your Sydney home.

In mood for renovation? Let’s reinvent your garage. If there is any room in our house that it too often neglected, it’s definitely the garage. Most of us don’t even count it when we speak about the number of rooms in our homes. Besides being a safe spot to keep our cars, garages have many … Continued

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5 Aussie garages that will blow your MIND!

Some property owners don’t mind spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to install high-security garages in which they can store their most prized possessions – cars. That’s why in today’s blog, we decided to gather some of the most exciting places in Australia where you could hide your precious wheels. These are some pretty large … Continued

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Choose an automatic garage door system that can promise smooth operation.

Automatic Garage Solutions pride themselves on providing Sydney with automatic garage door openers that have been manufactured for durable use and high functionality. The motors used in the mechanisms have been constructed to last for years to come and to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Browse through our range of motors available or have … Continued

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Importance of regular servicing of your garage door springs.

As the biggest and the most frequently operated doors in your household in Sydney, your garage door maintenance and handling are very important. Instead of spending money on garage door repair and replacements, it’s better just to handle it with care.   In many cases, spring “fatigue” means that dangerous amounts of strain are being … Continued

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Garage doors and home security – A case study

Numerous homeowners depend on automatic garage doors by us here at Automatic Garage Solutions to ensure home security while making their home look aesthetically appealing. Automatic Garage Solutions have recently completed a garage door installation for a young couple with a child in Blacktown. Blacktown Garage Doors Anna and Chris recently bought a house in … Continued

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