If you have a garage door that needs to be opened by hand, you will know all too well how inconvenient it is. When it’s dark and cold, it’s raining or you’re just simply tired from a long day at work, an automatic garage door is both practical and convenient in all situations. An automatic garage door also provides you with added security as well as convenience at the push a button, allowing you to open the door, enter the premises and close the door without leaving your car.

Automatic Garage Solutions install Merlin garage door openers as part of their mobile garage door service, providing you with the latest technology and reliability.

We have a large range of garage door motors to choose from and installing an automatic garage door opener makes a great gift for your parents, grandparents, wife or husband, or even your kids!

Call us on 02 9793 3329 to find out how much to install a garage door opener. We stock many different models of Merlin garage door opener systems to suit your budget and requirements.

If you already have a garage door opener installed, contact us for a quick response for replacements or upgrades to your existing garage remote controller.

Common Garage Door Problems

  • Car stays parked outside because it is easier
  • Exposure to rain or hail
  • Arthritis or injury prevents opening door
  • Leaving children in car alone
  • Heavy to lift for children, elderly, injured
  • Broken locks or lost keys


  • Motorise a roller door
  • Motorise a sectional/panel door
  • Motorise a tilt door