5 Aussie garages that will blow your MIND!

5 Aussie garages that will blow your MIND!

Some property owners don’t mind spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to install high-security garages in which they can store their most prized possessions – cars. That’s why in today’s blog, we decided to gather some of the most exciting places in Australia where you could hide your precious wheels. These are some pretty large … Continued

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Why Merlin Garage Door Openers are the best, choice in Sydney?

Merlin automatic garage door opener have dominated the garage door industry for over 20 years with a proven reputation for quality, value and reliability. Merlin Chamberlain specialises in the manufacturer of the quality garage door and electric gate openers. Keep in mind these great things about the Merlin range of garage door openers: – Longest … Continued

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Merlin keyless entry systems

In today’s blog, we would like to talk about benefits of using  Merlin’s keyless entry systems. With fantastic build and design quality backed by market-leading warranties, it’s no surprise that Merlin manufactures some of our best selling products. However, even premium products can be upgraded with the addition of optional extras. Do you like to … Continued

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Sydney garage door motors – Get one NOW!

Garage door motors in Sydney come in different shapes and sizes, many of them are under-performers. The new Merlin garage door motors are well equipped to drive even the largest of doors. The features include soft start, soft finish operation and a large range of the remote controls. The technology used in these remote controls … Continued

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How to program a remote control

Nowadays technology offers many different remotes that can be programmed to activate many devices including gate operators, garage door openers, commercial door openers or external wired-in receivers. In today’s article, we would like to help you with programming your chamberlain remote control. Use the learn button to start programming. Find the learn button. In automatic … Continued

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Garage door annual service

In this week’s article, we would like to explain you why is it important to have your manual or automatic garage door serviced every year. The garage door is the single largest moving part in your Sydney household and it’s highly recommended to have it inspected and maintained manually. Whether you have a manual door, … Continued

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The Future of Garage Doors in Sydney

Even in the era of computers and smartphones, when people in Sydney think of garages they hardly ever think about technology. Most of us only care about whether the door works when you press the button on the remote control. However, over the past ten years, the pace of garage doors innovation has led to … Continued

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