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Signs Your Sliding Gate Needs Expert Repair

Sliding gates, with their sleek profiles and effortless glide, stand as silent sentinels guarding our homes. But like any faithful guardian, they require our attention to ensure smooth operation and continued security. Just as a cough or a limp might signal a health issue in a human, certain signs can indicate your sliding gate needs … Continued


Our D.I.Y Garage Service Guide

When you reach the vicinity of your garage and press the remote of your garage, the one thing you expect to happen is, your garage door should open up with ease, firmly and silently. But if that does not happen, then you’ll need professional automatic garage door services for sure who can provide necessary repairs … Continued

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Operate Your Garage Door From Anywhere

It would be very difficult to believe if someone would have told you a decade ago that there would be a technique to manage your home’s environment, such as what lights were switched on or off, which doors were locked and your garage door is in which position, from anywhere. Many thanks to technological advancements … Continued

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Merlin keyless entry systems

In today’s blog, we would like to talk about benefits of using  Merlin’s keyless entry systems. With fantastic build and design quality backed by market-leading warranties, it’s no surprise that Merlin manufactures some of our best selling products. However, even premium products can be upgraded with the addition of optional extras. Do you like to … Continued

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Garage door trends report for 2017

It’s already March 2017, so we believe it’s the last moment for us to share with you the latest garage door trends that brought our attention. While 2017 saw Australia take on a more modern look, 2017 the style-gurus say, is shaping up to be very different. Polished metals and exposed industrial frames are out … Continued


Garage Door Openers Sydney

Are you still using your manual garage door and are not sure if you should switch to the automatic option? In today’s blog, Automatic Garage Solutions would like to give you eight most important reasons why you should upgrade your manual garage door with a new automatic garage door opener. It’s common for drivers in … Continued

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Servicing and repairs of garage doors in Sydney

As you probably noticed your automatic garage door has many operating and moving parts. That’s it’s very important to take care of its maintenance every year to have it working at its optimum. The garage door motors, require firmware updating, the same like your car or your phone, which guarantees your motor the most up … Continued

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Specialists in Garage Door Repairs

How can you ensure that your garage door stays in good running order? It’s a good idea to ensure that regular maintenance of your garage doors occurs on a yearly basis. In addition, it’s reasonable to expect that at some point, your garage door regardless of its type may face one or more problems. Give … Continued

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