garage door problems

We all at least try to maintain most of the mechanical devices in our household in the best possible condition to make sure they can work efficiently for a long time. Even the best-taken care of garage door can sometimes get stuck, refusing to open or close. This problem can create many security issues for us and our relatives. Depending on what’s causing the difficulty you can decide whether you can fix it or need professional help.

Assess the Problem for Garage Door Opener

To diagnose whether the issue lies with the garage door opener, ensure the door is in the fully closed position. Disengage the opener trolley from the door by pulling the emergency cord and try to lift the door by hand. If it opens smoothly, the problem is with the opener. If the garage door still stays halfway closed, the problem is with the door.

Weather Effects in Sydney

If the jammed garage door coincides with severe weather changes, you may need to adjust the pressure on the opener. Some of them have a force adjustment mechanism controlling the force that is applied to operate the door. The best way is to leave this process to a professional, as too much force may result in the door failing to stop, posing a danger to people and objects around.


Firstly, examine the garage door tracks rollers, hinges and garage door opener for any sign of damage that may cause the door to hang up. Lubricate the tracks and hardware with oil or silicone spray. Open the door slowly, watching it as it lifts. See if it catches on a warped panel or support beam or if an obstruction in the path of the photo eye makes it stop or reverse. Any item that protrudes into the path of the garage door can cause it to stop.


If you still aren’t sure what causes problems with your automatic garage door opener in your Sydney house.

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