You might face occasional malfunctions if you’ve got an automatic garage door. Some issues may be fixed by repairing them yourself, whereas others will require professional help. One concern for many homeowners when it comes to garage door openers is whether they will become too hot during the warmer months.

Can my garage door motor heat up?

Like any kind of electrical appliance, your garage door could possibly overheat if not properly maintained. If you live in an extremely hot climate, it can be quite common for your garage doors to get stuck due to heat expansion. Overworking an auto-garage door mechanism can cause it to get overheated and stop working properly.

Overheated doors can be caused by either too much usage or malfunctioning parts. It is essential to find out why the issue occurred immediately after it happens.

Extremely high heat can be damaging to any type of motor, including garage door motors. Garage doors may need repair if they become excessively heated. It’s true, the motor shuts off when it gets too hot. If you cannot get it to work when trying to remotely operate your garage door from outside, there may be some issues with the remote control device itself.

Garage door motors can fail due to a variety of causes, including faulty wiring, worn out parts, poor maintenance, etcetera. However, if you have been using your garage door quite often within a short period of time, it’s best to cool the garage door motor down before using it again. In such situations, we recommend waiting for about twenty minutes before attempting to reopen the door.

Because the garage door motor is connected to the opener, in that case yes — garage door opener reaching extreme temperatures may happen. If the door has an auto-thermal shutoff feature, it can prevent overheating by stopping its operation when the temperature reaches a certain level. This safety feature is the basic way you can tell whether your home garage door opener is overheated due to frequent use.

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If you notice smoke coming out of your garage door when pressing the button, then there’s likely an overheating problem with the unit itself. Once you notice any kind of malfunction in your garage door opener system, it’s imperative to stop using it immediately and call for assistance from an expert. If it does not operate after cooling down, then there may be damage done to the motor which will prevent it from operating again.

What to Do to Prevent Garage Door From Overheating

To prevent overheated doors, it’s best to keep an eye out for signs of excessive heat and reduce usage when necessary. For instance, do not open and close your garage door several times during a span of fifteen minutes during the summer months. Overheated motors may be damaged if operated too often for long periods of time.

If you suspect that your garage door has become stuck due to very high temperature, wait until the temperature drops before opening it again. You should call an expert if you notice smoke coming out of the garage door opener or if it does not open up after some time.

When it becomes too hot during the summer months, the brackets expand, causing misalignment between the sensor and rail. You can prevent misalignment by applying a heat-resistant lube to the metal bracket screws before tightening them down.

What if Smokes Appear From Your Garage Door Motor

Seeing smoke come from the motor means that there may be an issue with the starter. When you turn on the motor by simply activating your garage, power goes to the starting capacitor and accumulates more than enough charge to supply the torque to open the door. If you see smoke coming from your capacitor, replace it immediately.


If you encounter problems when using your garage door opener, contact the experts from Automatic Garage Solutions. We’ll take care of any issues right away.