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In mood for renovation?
Let’s reinvent your garage.

If there is any room in our house that it too often neglected, it’s definitely the garage.
Most of us don’t even count it when we speak about the number of rooms in our homes.
Besides being a safe spot to keep our cars, garages have many other functions. We generally use it as a junk room, dog’s bedroom, or as a dumping ground for the lawnmower, pressure washer and kids outdoor toys.
But it doesn’t have to be this way!
That’s why in today’s blog we would like to share with you four easy tips on how to quickly and cheap reinvent your garage.

1. Declutter
So are you trying to squeeze your pride and joy wheels into your garage? It doesn’t matter if it’s your sports car, vintage motorbike, or simply your everyday vehicle that takes you from A to B.
How can you do it, if there’s so much random stuff in your garage that panic and anxiety are the only feelings you get when even thinking about venturing in there?

By using intelligent storage solutions and wall organisers, you will be able to sort through all of the stuff you thought you’d lost forever. This will ensure you have easy access to it in the future.

2. Pimp up your garage door
Unleash your creativity and paint or upgrade your garage door. But be careful before making the decision. There are many types of garage doors and it’s crucial to find the right one. If you need advice, you can find many articles about the latest garage door trends on our blog.

This can be a great way of reinventing your garage with some real curb appeal. The best garage door styles don’t have to be the most expensive. There are many options available on Australian market such as roller doors, panel and tilt doors.
Make sure you check out the reviews of any potential company you may select to install your door. Think not only about the value but also quality and customer service.

If you are considering installing a new automatic garage door opener or replacing your motor in Sydney make sure you speak to specialists from Automatic Garage Solutions on 02 9793 3329.

3. Floor is important too
Get rid of your uneven, dusty concrete floor and treat yourself with something a little more flamboyant.
You should first level the floor. After this, the opportunities are pretty much endless. A good budget option is to roll out some heavy duty vinyl.

If you are happy to spend more money, you can look into more expensive options like an epoxy floor. This specialist paint, mixed with a hardener creates a beautiful and unique long-lasting effect, blended with some colour chips, provides the ideal flooring for anyone who dreams about a stylish garage.

4. Insulation And Decoration
If you are considering changing the function of your garage to something a little bit more exciting than a home for your car, let’s say a play room or a gym. You definitely should think about insulation and interior design.
A splash of colour goes a long way. We recommend a paint that is durable and long-lasting because, if you are playing pool, lifting weights or taking out your aggression on a punchbag, you’ll need walls that can handle a lot of pressure.

Insulation can save you a lot of money on power bills, but will also let you use your garage during the cold winter months in Sydney.

Next time you visit your garage, take a look at your clutter and start planning changes.
Consider how you can reinvent your garage with a facelift to make the space more functional and desirable. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and finally you can pay your garage the attention it deserves.

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