garage door maintenance

To be able to properly adjust your garage door belt tension, you have to disconnect the door from the opener before making any changes. If the belt is either too tight or too loose you might hear some sprocket noises.

It’s good to visually check the belt first to see it it’s properly adjusted. The spring should be approximately 1 ¼ inches long.

Please have a look at steps we recommend for adjusting your belt tensions if needed.

  1. Close the door, using the remote control
  2. Release the garage door from the garage door opener. If you have a square rail opener, pull the red manual release the rope straight down and then back toward the motor. It should let you move the door manually.
  3. Belt tension is adjusted using the square end nut located on the inner trolley. If you are standing inside your garage, look out and you will find the adjustment nut on the left-hand side of the rail.
  4. If you want to add tension to the belt, tighten the square end nut. With every turn of the square end nut, the belt tension will rise slightly. When the spring is approximately 1 ¼ wide, the best is properly adjusted. If your spring nut needs to be disconnected, refer to “Set the tension” in your instruction to disconnect the spring.

After making any adjustments are made, test your reversal system. The door should reverse on contact with 1 ½ high on the floor.

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