automatic garage door

It’s quite easy for young people to open and close our garage doors every day, but unfortunately, there comes a time where we would prefer for something to do it for us. Especially in times where most of our life is automated.

Getting an automatic garage roller door is an inexpensive and easy way to minimise physical stress on your body and let you get on with your day.

Installing a reliable, genuine brand automatic garage door opener requires about an hour worth of labour for a professional.

At Automatic Garage Solutions, we follow strict guidelines when it comes to selecting a new opener for an existing garage door. We will ensure that the automatic garage door opener we offer you will suit your requirements.

Along with the convenience of an automatic garage door opener, there are some extra options available to suit everyone’s needs:

Battery Backup Unit

To ensure that even when the power failure occurs, your garage door will open and close.

Wireless keypads

These keypads are installed on the exterior of the garage door which gives access to anyone with the right four digit pin number. It’s a great option if you don’t want to give your kids and relatives a remote and the perfect accessory to allow deliveries to be left in a secure spot in the garage.

Emergency key release

If your automatic garage door is your only way inside, installing an emergency key release enables you to access the inside of the garage in case of power failure.

IR Beams

These beams stop the operation of the garage door if obstructed. This is an extra safety accessory commonly installed by homeowners.


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