automatic garage door repairs

Noisy appliances can be a very annoying, especially when it is something that you tend to use quite often. Noisy automatic garage doors are an example of such situations, as you use the garage every day to get to your car. Don’t worry it’s not a serious issue and you can fix it yourself without calling a professional.

Tighten loose parts

Before you start, make sure that all the parts of the door are securely fitted to their respective places. Tighten all the screws and nuts on and around the door using a deep socket wrench and a ratchet. However, you need to be careful when tightening the nuts and make sure that you don’t over tighten them as you may end up ruining their threads or even damaging the material they are screwed on to.

Hinge and roller maintenance

The unpleasant noise might be caused by worn out rollers and hinges. Nothing lasts forever so like everything; these parts also get damaged with time. They also may become worn due to dust in the garage’s environment or humidity in the air that eventually leads to the rusting of rollers and hinges. When the wear becomes excessive, the rollers often shake and wobble as the door closes and opens.

If this is the case, you need to replace them. The best option is nylon rollers that come with sealed bearings. These are more quiet, efficient and don’t necessarily require periodic oiling like the steel bearings. You can buy them at your local hardware store in Sydney. However, you should note that they are more expensive in comparison to the regular steel bearings.

Loose garage door chain

You also need to check the garage door chain that opens and closes the door. A loose chain is responsible for most of the noise and the jerky movements the door makes as it operates. The jerky movements, in turn, are responsible for thrashing the rollers onto their tracks. Tighten the chain to minimise the noise the door makes, will also solve the roller smacking problem that would have eventually led to damaged rollers.

Once this is done, you need to apply grease onto the chain to facilitate easier movement as the door opens and closes. The lubricant will also reduce the wear on the chain itself, thus prolonging its lifespan. Spray the bearings, hinges and springs with a garage door lubricant.


However, if you by any chance get stuck and aren’t sure if you can repair your garage door yourself. Contact Automatic Garage Solutions.

We are here to help with any automatic garage door repairs.