As the biggest and the most frequently operated doors in your household in Sydney, your garage door maintenance and handling are very important. Instead of spending money on garage door repair and replacements, it’s better to just handle it with care.

Like every other electronic device in your house in Sydney, also garage door need to be inspected and maintained to work efficiently for many years to come.

The best way is to arrange monthly check ups on your door system to avoid any problems. Garage door not only gives access to vehicles, it’s also very important for your home safety.

Please have a look at some useful tips from Automatic Garage Solutions to help you look after your garage door system conveniently and avoid costly repairs.

      1.Look and Listen

It’s the easiest and the most important way to scan your garage door. Close the door and have a thorough look at all the hardware and wires. You will notice if any part is getting worn off or needs replacement. Try to assess everything slowly, there can be a sound that wasn’t there before or a nut bolt loosened up and needs to be repaired. Always think about these trivial things as they often can lead to a major problem what might cost a lot of money.

You always can have your door inspected by an expert from Automatic Garage Solutions.

  1. Garage Door Opener

Automatic garage doors are recommended to be assessed every month. Detach the opener and inspect if the door can be opened and shut manually without much effort. In case of any problems. Call a professional and have it services as quickly as possible. Automatic garage door openers are quite efficient and secure. However, like all products, they need proper handling and maintenance.

  1.   Sensors

Most of the garage door systems have sensors to detect the presence of pets etc. The main item is the sensor laser beam. Monitor the photo eye and sensor regularly. To find out if your sensor is working properly, bring an object close to it and see if it senses it. Take a wet cloth and clean it if your sensor is still not working, contact a professional as the issue can be dangerous for other people in your household.

  1. Reversal Mechanism

It’s one of the most important features of contemporary garage systems. There are some door models that may not have it and they should be replaced.

Put and object in the middle of your garage door, then close it with the opener. If the reversal mechanism works correctly, the doors should go back up.

  1. Batteries

All the automatic garage doors operate through batteries. Usually, they have quite long backup time. However, it’s always good to check if they aren’t out of power.

To avoid the doors getting jammed it’s worth to check your batteries and replace them if needed.

  1. Lubricating

Like every machine, which operates on motion bases also garage doors need lubrication for efficiency. The most important thing to do is to spray springs and joints. The best lubrication frequency is every six months. Liquid Wrench is known to give good results in garage door maintenance.

  1. Examine the Balance

The usual garage door weight between 4-7 kilograms. If your door is heavier than that it might be out of balance. It often affects safety reversal and other features.

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