With the cold mornings and rainy days still going on in New South Wales, we find a lot of people finally having a motive to repair or install new automatic garage doors in Smeaton Grange. The convenience of an automatic garage door means those wet and windy times spent outside trying to open and close your garage door are a thing of the past. Simply press a button and watch your automatic garage door installed by Automatic Garage Solutions open and close smoothly and quietly.

Automatic garage door openers add convenience and safety to your lifestyle. At times, automation can be taken for granted, but imagine having to pack your kids into the car, open the garage door, get back in your car to drive out of the garage, get back out to manually close the garage and then get back in to drive off… Only to come back an hour later from the shopping trip to do it all again.

Automatic Garage Solutions can repair your existing garage door opener, or install a new automatic garage door in Smeaton Grange. Merlin, B&D, ATA, Steel-Line & Doorworks garage door openers are our preferred choice as they have proven to be reliable, quiet, affordable and are backed with a market leading 5 year warranty on most models. More information and specification of all the Merlin automatic garage door opener is available on Merlin’s website.

We have been working with Merlin, B&D, ATA, Steel-Line & Doorworks for many years and the service and quality products continue to make them Smeaton Grange favourite garage door opener brand.

Don’t spend yet another wet morning outside trying to open your garage door, phone Automatic Garage Solutions in Smeaton Grange on 02 9199 0390 today to discover the convenience and quality of an automatic garage door opener installed on your garage door!

Inspections and Quotes

Once we’ve done our initial inspection, we will advise you whether or not we need to replace the motor or if we can simply repair your existing motor, potentially saving you money if replacement is not necessary. All new products come with full manufacturer warranty.

We offer free quotes to assess your requirements and a flat rate call out fee for servicing and repairs. We help you choose the best garage motor replacement solution depending on whether you have a single or double spaced garage and how old your garage door is. We will also assess your individual requirements when choosing an appropriate garage door opener to make sure you get the best result.

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