A garage door not only secures your vehicle but also other household belongings that are stored in your garage. In addition, it may act as an extra level of fortification for the inside of your property. Garage doors are made from numerous materials such as vinyl, aluminium, wood and steel. A variety of styles are available that includes sectional, roller doors or single panel.

Remember, a defective or imperfect garage door can cause damage to the property or injury to you or your family members. To make sure your safety and your property’s safety, garage door repairs should be done only by a professional garage door mechanic.

What Is The Problem With My Garage Door? Why Is It Not Working?

1.   Dust on the tracks can cause the reverse mechanism to trigger. If your garage door closes partway and then opens up again, you will need to ensure the tracks are clean and there are no objects blocking the sensors.

2.   If a garage door opens or closes arbitrarily, then it may be a signal of a transmitter that is jammed.

3.   If you find that your garage door is not working, inspect the batteries on your transmitter. Inspect the transmitter that’s in your car and the one on your garage wall, you may need to change both.

4.   The metal track on which your door moves requires being correctly aligned. Any gaps between the rollers and rail or bends in the rail will make the door unsafe to manoeuvre.

5.   The torsion springs are the ones that lift the garage door, so if the springs are broken, the garage door opener won’t be able to lift the door. Springs are very hazardous to work with, never ever try to repair them yourself rather call in an expert.

6.   Also, broken cables or broken tension spring can make the garage door close with a bang. Both of these parts are extremely risky to work with, so it’s prudent to call a professional garage door repairer to repair your garage door.

Why Are Professional Garage Door Repairs So Vital?

1.   Due to incorrect repairs by you or an unqualified person, your garage door may lack proper balance and it will become difficult to open.

2.   If the garage door fails to operate properly, it can fall on you or your family members leading to an unwanted injury.

3.   Suppose, you try to repair the garage door all by yourself and it fails, then you may cause damage beyond repairs. Compared to a full replacement, a professional repair is far less costly.

4.  Home insurance companies out there will only pay for damage if the repairs are done by a professional garage door mechanic.

5.  A professional garage door repair and service company will provide warranty for the work done.

Inspections and Quotes

Once we’ve done our initial inspection, we will advise you whether or not we need to replace the motor or if we can simply repair your existing motor, potentially saving you money if replacement is not necessary. All new products come with full manufacturer warranty.

We offer free quotes to assess your requirements and a flat rate call out fee for servicing and repairs. We help you choose the best garage motor replacement solution depending on whether you have a single or double spaced garage and how old your garage door is. We will also assess your individual requirements when choosing an appropriate garage door opener to make sure you get the best result.

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Final words

You can extend the life of your garage door by taking proper maintenance steps. Always maintain a clean door, which will aid you in finding areas that require repair or repainting. Lubricate hinges and rollers on a regular basis and keep the tracks free from dust and rubbles. And when it’s time to repair your garage door, call a professional garage door repairer in Birchgrove, Inner West.