Merlin keyless entry systems

Merlin keyless entry systems

In today’s blog, we would like to talk about benefits of using  Merlin’s keyless entry systems. With fantastic build and design quality backed by market-leading warranties, it’s no surprise that Merlin manufactures some of our best selling products. However, even premium products can be upgraded with the addition of optional extras. Do you like to … Continued

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Sydney garage door motors – Get one NOW!

Garage door motors in Sydney come in different shapes and sizes, many of them are under-performers. The new Merlin garage door motors are well equipped to drive even the largest of doors. The features include soft start, soft finish operation and a large range of the remote controls. The technology used in these remote controls … Continued

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Garage door trends report for 2017

It’s already March 2017, so we believe it’s the last moment for us to share with you the latest garage door trends that brought our attention. While 2017 saw Australia take on a more modern look, 2017 the style-gurus say, is shaping up to be very different. Polished metals and exposed industrial frames are out … Continued

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Timber or timber- look garage doors?

So you decided to buy a timber garage door – Congratulations, it’s a great choice! A natural wood finish will definitely add class to your property. However, if you still haven’t made up your mind, we strongly recommend this article for you to find out all pros and cons of timber and timber look garage … Continued

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How to care for your garage roller door

These days garage roller doors are, more than ever, made from hardy and durable materials. For example, many modern roller doors are constructed from colorbond steel; a material known for its excellent performance. However, like all parts of your home, your garage door will require maintenance to keep it working at its best. In this … Continued

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Repair a noisy automatic garage door

Noisy appliances can be a very annoying, especially when it is something that you tend to use quite often. Noisy automatic garage doors are an example of such situations, as you use the garage every day to get to your car. Don’t worry it’s not a serious issue and you can fix it yourself without … Continued

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Garage Door Springs Sydney – Tension vs Extension

If you are like most homeowners, you probably don’t care much about your garage door – until it breaks. Suddenly you are forced to make all kinds of decisions about materials and installers, etc. Your garage door springs are more important than you probably realise. Property damage, personal injury and even death are just a … Continued

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5 reasons why you shouldn’t repair your garage door yourself

Today’s article is dedicated to those who have a bit of a DIY spirit in them. When you experience problems with your garage door, your first thought might be self-diagnose the issue, watch some tutorials and get to work. Sometimes fixing it might seem easy enough, but DIY garage door repairs come with some pretty … Continued

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Garage Door Openers Sydney

Are you still using your manual garage door and are not sure if you should switch to the automatic option? In today’s blog, Automatic Garage Solutions would like to give you eight most important reasons why you should upgrade your manual garage door with a new automatic garage door opener. It’s common for drivers in … Continued

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How to use emergency cord

At Automatic Garage Solutions we always make sure we stay up to date with all the important news in the garage door industry. Recently we came across a great blog created by another garage door service company called Metro Garage Services from Sydney. In today’s blog, we would like to share one of the articles … Continued

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